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Chanel S/S 2015  RTW - Details


Kendall Jenner - Backstage at Chanel, Spring/Summer 2015 

Photographed by: Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur 

maisiewilliams and anonymous asked: arya stark + winter colors


I knew he was worried about me,
knew he wanted to talk about what

had happened, but I knew if I did, if
I started giving rein to my feelings,

things would pour out of me that I
     wanted to keep locked away

 f o r e v e r …

Symbol of hope

Viserys had been stupid and vicious, she had come to realize, yet sometimes she missed him all the same. Not the cruel weak man he had become by the end, but the brother who had sometimes let her creep into his bed, the boy who told her tales of the Seven Kingdoms, and talked of how much better their lives would be once he claimed his throne.

What’s wrong with dangerous?

Elie Saab haute couture 2012